Stretch Hood


Our Stretch hood films offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and convenient way to protect your palletized materials.

Stretch hood films combines the weather protection and load stability advantages of pallet covers with the economy of stretch films


Our unique resin blends allow our film to form snugly around the dimensions of the pallet without stretching or deforming. This limits movement and protects the contents from dirt, water and other contamination. Stretch hood films are ideally suited to applications where pallet loads require five-sided protection, encounter stress during transport or where products are sensitive to heat.

 Al Sharq Plas can offer stretch hoods for various pallet sizes, even up to 1200 x 2000 mm. Today we are producing stretch hoods in thicknesses between 60-200 μm.


Stretch hood packing machines are replacing traditional shrink and stretch film packing lines in an increasing mode.

The major reasons for these shifts are:

• Pallet loads are secured effectively for transportation. You get superior tension in both horizontal and vertical directions - This prevents the load from shifting.

• Packs the pallet tightly without the use of heat. This creates cost savings and safety improvements.
• Excellent puncture resistance and are resistant to tearing.
• Well suited for printing logos, company names or other brand messages - Creating an opportunity for promotion during distribution.
• Capable of high levels of efficiency; with one line, you can easily pack more than 150 pallets per hour.


Product Information


Roll Length

Roll width

60 µ to 200 µ Customized Upto 1600 mm