Lamination Grade Films


Lamination grade films are basically three-layer coextruded polyethylene films for various types of Laminate structures for food and non-food applications. Constructed from a clear blend of high clarity LDPE and LLDPE, these films are ideal for use as a sealant web due to their enhanced clarity, seal response and physical strength.
The film works as a sealing layer in different laminates laminating with PET, BOPP with or without aluminum foil between the layers - gives the laminated structure an optimal running ability on various types of packaging machines. Lamination grade sealant films ensure the flavor and freshness of your beverage powder products (such as coffee) remain inside the package until your customers are ready to open and enjoy them.

Special applications for Lamination grade film are for example:
  • Dairy, Cheese & Egg
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Frozen Foods
  • Bakery Products
  • Meat, Fish, Seafood & Poultry
  • Dry Goods & Granular Products
  • Grains & Cereals
  • Confectionary, Candy & Chocolate
  • Food Ingredients
  • Jams, Sauces, Soups & Condiments
  • Bottled Beverages
  • Coffee & Tea (Dry & Liquid)
  • Snack Foods
  • Sugar


 Films for Special Applications:

1. Milk Film: This typically black/white film is used to pack milk into bags in many cultures.
2. Lamination Grade Film For Easy Tear

Product Information




THICKNESS µm 20  to 200
ROLL LENGTH mm Customized
ROLL WIDTH mm Upto 1600 mm
APPEARANCE   Clear Transparent or Opaque
SURFACE TENSION Dynes/cm > 38 dynes
COF 0.10 – 0.25
WINDING Flush winding. There shall be no Blocking of Layers.
REEL OD mm 600 - 800
CORE ID mm 76
PACKING Individual Rolls wrapped with transparent PE sheet and Corrugated sheet from outside. stretch wrapped and strapped together with Plastic straps on the Pallet